Directed by – Rian Johnson.
average Rating – 8,7 of 10.
Writed by – Rian Johnson.
Runtime – 2Hour 11 Minute.
Actor – Daniel Craig

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This movie was great. Didn’t really have any expectations for it, but that made the ride even better. For starters, it had amazing performance from a really great cast. It was also nice that it had a humorous tone to it and it wasn’t super serious. But the non stop plot twists that just kept coming and coming. But it never felt like to much. The way things unfold are very unique and you will not see anything coming.

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This movie is pretty good. A solid 8/10 and probably one of the best in 2019.
Knives Out (as minimal as possible) is about the death of a family patriarch and the investigation of his death. It’s written and directed by Rian Johnson; he did Looper which was great and The Last Jedi which was not so great but anyways…
This movie is pretty damn good. It’s a classic who-done-it crime/detective story set in modern day 2019. It’s directed beautifully and the cinematography is on point. And it’s actually very funny, which I don’t think the marketing really shows.
The performances in this movie are fantastic, especially by Bond himself, Daniel Craig. He carries this movie and honestly his character is an absolute joy to watch. The rest of the cast is great as well, notable performances from Ana De Armas and Chris Evans.
The narrative and writing is also very well done by Rian Johnson. It’s nice to see him doing films of his own instead of big franchise movies.
Some of the characters are kinda there just for comedic effect, but
I didn’t mind it. It wasn’t really a bad thing, didn’t bother the narrative. My main ‘issue’ with the movie was that I was hoping the actual plot itself involved more of the characters directly, if you watch the movie you’ll probably notice that. It’s not really an issue just something I thought would’ve made the movie better.
Other than that I don’t really see an actual flaw in the movie. The opening sequence is just perfect, the sound design fits perfectly. It’s funny when it needs to be and suspenseful when it neds to be. Knives Out hits all the checkpoints of a good solid movie.
Definitely check this one out it’s really good, really enjoyable and an absolute killer (no pun intended.