1 hours 34 minutes
Directed by=Anvita Dutt
Creators=Anvita Dutt

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If I were to not watch this movie based on the reviews I saw, in my personal opinion I would’ve missed out on something precious. My tip is to truly, not go into the movie with your preconceived expectations, give it a watch with an open mind and you might see what so many people see. Accept it for what it is and it won’t disappoint you.
I went into the movie thinking that it’s a horror movie, which it wasn’t but nonetheless I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw. It’s a fantasy-thriller, which is spooky, beautifully shot and though the final outcome might be predictable for some viewers, the set of events that lead to it, do take you by surprise. It serves you a contrast of how much our society has evolved in the last century and not, as we battle the same issues as we did then, while we have strict laws against some now. It makes you think. And if not all of that, the sets are gorgeously built and the actors are masters in their art, so that should keep you entertained.

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I am amazed by the artistic direction, the screenplay and acting by all actors. The movie is beautiful.
A brilliant performance by caste, incredible story line and screenplay. I recommend to all watch it.
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Typical boring plot. Tripti did splendid job even with the weak script. At times it could not generate horrific rollercoaster a base of every Horror genre. Paoli and Parambrata were wasted in their small part.
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